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How To Put The Supinator On Your RIGHT FOOT

VIDEO: How To Put The Supinator On Your

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Click Here for a video on how to put The Supinator on your LEFT FOOT

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The instructions below illustrate how to apply
The Supinator Flexible Foot Orthotic to your RIGHT FOOT.

The Supinator can be applied to either your right or left foot.

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Step One

Always wear socks under your Supinator.

Place your RIGHT FOOT over your left knee (click here for directions on how to put it on your LEFT FOOT).

Hold the Supinator under your right foot as shown. The Solid Bars on the right and the Velcro Hook on the left. The soft Velcro Loops should be on the outside and not touching your foot.

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Step Two

Bring the solid bar side over the top of the foot and into the arch on the side of your foot. The beginning solid bars should be against the sock. This is the starting point and will determine the length of the Supinator. The lower into your arch you bring the starting point, the shorter the strap will be, the higher in your arch (toward the top of your foot), the longer the strap will be. Everyone is different, find the starting point that works best for you.

The proper length should be when the Velcro Hook reaches the Velcro Loops in the arch without stretching.

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Step Three

Bring the other side of the strap with the Velcro Hook and crossover the arch, pinning the beginning solid bars to the sock.

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Step Four and Five

Continue with the Velcro Hook over the top of the foot and around the outside of the ankle, around the heal and below your Achilles Tendon.

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Step Six—Final Step

Attach the Velcro Hook to the Velcro Loops that should be positioned in the arch with mild tension.

Foot with The Supinator applied to it.

Important Note

Adjust the starting point until the Velcro Hook attaches to the Velcro Loops in the appropriate place in your arch.

If the Supinator is too tight and starts to hurt, or your foot becomes numb, reapply the Supinator a little looser.

Remember to put the Supinator on over your sock(s) and that you have enough room in your shoes to accommodate The Supinator.

IMPORTANT: The Supinator is meant to be worn when walking, standing or running. Do not wear The Supinator at night.


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